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10 Interesting Things I’ve Experienced

    I’ve been to Hawaii five times! This is a self-indulgent post. It’s all about me. If you can’t handle that, click the back arrow and be off to some other time-wasting page! I’ve asked a lot of people who have traveled the world, “Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve been?” Many say Hawaii. […]

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Why Men Should Have it All!

Produced by The Make it Fair Project. This “We Are the World”-like appeal points out the gap between men and women in the film industry. In the past few years, they point out, only 93 percent of popular films were directed by men. Visit their website for more information. Here is their goal: The goal is […]

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March ADness: The Elite Eight

Singing hamsters, cats and bulldogs that nudge us sign up for Obamacare. A plastic bottle with a big dream. A less than perfect parent on an outing. These are the stars of very short films that encourage us to behave a bit differently. And March ADness 2014 from the Ad Council offers a nice variety […]

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Seek Shelter from Michele Bachmann

A campaign from Climate Name Change suggests we begin to name hurricanes and other extreme storms after climate change deniers. Since 1954, the World Meteorological Organization has been naming extreme storms after people. As scientific evidence shows that climate change is creating increasingly frequent and devastating storms, and with climate scientists declaring these extreme weather […]

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work at a nonprofit

When You Work at a Nonprofit

          Do you work at a nonprofit? Do you sometimes feel lonely in the insanity of your work life? We’re not big fans of Dilbert because it emphasizes the worst in our workplace, sucking away the oxygen from the good. Having said that, we do want to make sure that if […]

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