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80/20 Rule, use the Law of the Vital Few for greater impact

      You’ve already know about the 80/20 rule so this is a reminder—because four-out-of-five times it will help you focus on what’s important. In 1906 economist Vilfredo Pareto was studying land ownership in Italy and found that 20 percent of the people owned 80 percent of the land. The remaining 80 percent of […]

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Aspiration Marketing

        By Tom Peterson  From his Los Angeles podcasting garage Marc Maron recently interviewed President Barack Obama. “When I ran in 2008 there were those posters out there: ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’” Obama said. “Those are capturing aspirations about where we should be going—a society that’s more just, a society that’s more equal, […]

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A Crowdfunding Ask

      Through the explosion of crowdfunding nonprofits and others have found a new way to ask for help. An alternative to traditional financing, it allows you to raise money for a new venture or project from many people in a short time. Some crowdfunding takes place at an event but most is through […]

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