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Rethink the Food Label

With one in three Americans obese, we need help from every quarter to get back to great health. So thank you, Good Magazine and UC Berkeley, for hosting a contest to redesign the nutrition label so that it’s actually helpful. Because the FDA is redoing the labels after 20 years, maybe they’ll find some inspiration from […]

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Iron Fish that Saves Lives

This little iron fish is saving lives. In the summer before he started graduate school, Chris Charles joined a research project in Cambodia with Research Development International, an organization focused on iron-deficiency anemia (IDA). The deficiency impacts billions worldwide and can result in a range of health problems, from fatigue to death. Chris extended his […]

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Making Voting More Convenient

Disingenuous legislators around the country are passing laws (under the guise of guarding against voter fraud, which is almost nonexistent) that create new barriers to voting. But here’s an approach that actually increases voter turnout, by up to ten percent. When cities place “Big Box” voting places where they’re convenient — where people are already […]

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Save the Crabs. Then Eat ‘Em!

This week I saw a news item that gave me reason to cheer: a study finds that the Chesapeake Bay dead zones are coming back to life. This was done by reducing the fertilizer, animal waste and other pollutants. There is a wonderful and creative campaign to get people around the Chesapeake Bay to change […]

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Traveling Oasis for Food Deserts

This Chicago mobile fruit and vegetable stand may not be the answer for the 23 million Americans living in food deserts. But it’s an innovation that will surely lead to some learnings and scaling up to help create greater access to healthy food. Visit the Fresh Moves website here. 

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Seth Godin: Lizard Brain and Shipping

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99% on Vimeo. You get a really good idea. That’s the first step. But we all get good ideas — how do we turn them into reality? That’s where Shipping comes in. That’s what Seth Godin calls it: getting it out the door. But, he says, our Lizard […]

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Hans and the Magic Washing Machine

I love to watch Hans Rosling’s talks. If you haven’t already, take some time to see all of his TED presentations. Rosling was four years old when his family got its first electric washing machine, and it changed their lives. His reflection on how most women of the world do laundry can help us think […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Illuminations

For a dozen years, the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has lit buildings, monuments, bridges around the world to illuminate the importance of breast health. See photos of the pink lit global landmarks that remind millions of the importance of early detection. The campaign points out that there is one chance in eight of a woman […]

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Bottle Lights

This brilliant idea is spreading quickly around the world. Simply fill a plastic bottle with water (add some bleach to prevent clouding), and cut a hole in the roof. And behold: an almost free 50-watt bulb. Obviously, it shines only during the day. This is especially great for the millions of houses that are too […]

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Occupy George

The Occupy movement has spawned an effective, no-cost vehicle to “circulate” an understanding of how wealth is spread. A simple online printer template, a color printer and a few dollar bills, and Occupy sympathizers have effective guerrilla marketing infographic brochures.

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