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Mail Boxes and Memes

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It’s all about Accelerating Audacious World Change.

And a great way to speed up world change is through replication. Most of what’s being done in one community can be copied in another. The rapid spread of good world change ideas is how we’ll get there. If someone’s figured out a way to make the world better—with no bad side effect, that actually works—let’s spread the practice. Adopt it. Help make it the new norm.

Something that works here, will probably work there.

world changeHere’s an idea could be copied somewhere pretty easily. Become a meme. An anonymous (because it’s illegal) street artist in Brooklyn Heights is restoring old mailboxes and trash cans. The Brownstoner tells the story and has a few before/after pictures.

The investment is simply some paint and brushes, that’s not too much. And some creativity and appreciation of place. Oh, and the will to take action, do something, even risk arrest for the cause. Which in this case is improving the day of thousands of passers by. Nothing small.

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