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LinkedIn Maps: Visualize your Network

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Monday’s post by Stephen Bailey (How-to: Build Your Network, thanks, Stephen!) mentioned LinkedIn’s mapping program. As I read his piece the first time, I clicked on the link, which I then activated.

Then I lost myself in the map for a half an hour. All my connections appeared as dots linked by hundreds lines. Each is placed on the map and color-coded according to who else in my network they know.

When you activate the map, you’ll see what your own network looks like. You can drill down a bit: It’s one thing to note in LinkedIn that you have a couple of shared connections with Joe. It’s another thing to click on Joe’s dot and see who they are and what shared connections you have with them. And who else in your network he knows. You may also get insight into where you want to focus future networking.

To learn more, go to LinkedIn’s map overview page, or go straight to the create my LinkedIn Map page.

By the way, you should connect only with people you know, and preferably those with whom you plan to have some future dealings.

Go Here for Expanded Page on Networking.

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