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Mission Statements that Don’t Suck! If you’re creating or updating mission statement, start by watching this video from Dan Heath. We’ve all been in that room. I’ve seen some where almost every word had a Latin root—never a good sign.

John LennonThank you! First, thanks to all of you for reading my musings and ramblings; I hope you find some value in them. Good recently posted this moving BBC video where Nicholas Winton is thanked for saving almost 700 children from Nazi death camps. Then turn your attention to 11 Amazing Thank You Notes from Famous People gathered by Mental Floss.   Great notes from Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Rowan and Martin, and others. Who’s someone who needs a special thanks? What’s a memorable way you can let them know how much they mean?

“It is a spiritual maxim that God never closes one door without opening another. It is a spiritual joke that while this may be true, the hallway in between is murder. When we are ‘stuck’ in our writing [or any] lives, it is usually because we are clinging to a situation that has outlived its usefulness to us or we are unwilling to explore a new risk that we sense we really must take.” — Julia Cameron

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