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Food Revolution. The folks at Brain Pickings found a bunch of vintage nutrition posters in the national archives with such advice as don’t overcook vegetables. Such common sense has been drowned out by profit seekers. But fear not, the revolution is underway, and Food Tank has compiled a list of 40 organizations that are shaking up the food system.

local coops in AustinCoops in Austin. Speaking of the food revolution, the Wheatsville Coop started while I was in school in Austin. Wheatsville is one of  70 coop businesses thriving in that town. And they’re spawning creative spinoff efforts, from the all-local-business airport to a large free ATM network shared by 15 credit unions. This didn’t just happen Caitlin Pearce writes for Dowser of the “commitment from city government to support local development. Its strategic plan, called “Imagine Austin,” makes local businesses a priority.”

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Stupid Nonprofit Ads. I just discovered Stupid Nonprofit Ads compiled by Jeff Brooks for his blog Future Fundraising Now. Should we laugh or cry? If you haven’t recently been confused by really strange messaging for a cause but would like to be, watch the Portugese animal-aid hypnotism ad. Jeff’s take on I’m Like Hypnotized: “When you don’t really care about getting real donors to take real action, you can do stuff like this.”

Thanks and Best Wishes to Katya Andresen for many years (and 1,500 blog posts) of solid advice and inspiration on nonprofit marketing and more!

“In the very short span of about fifty years, we’ve allowed our politicians to do something remarkably stupid: turn America’s food-policy decision over to corporate lobbyists, lawyers and economists. These people who could not run a watermelon stand if we gave them the melons and had the Highway patrol flag down the customers for them — yet, they have taken charge of the decisions that direct everything from how and where food is grown to what our children eat in school. As a result, America’s food system (and much of the world’s) has been industrialized, conglomeratized and globalized…. The good news is that this “good food” movement is already well under way and gaining strength every day.” —Jim Hightower in The Nation.

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