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Crowdfunding. Social Citizens presents the stories of two women who used crowdfunding to boost their dream businesses. Kate Jenkins launched the Intentional Quarterly and Roxanne Turpin (pictured) created Amazing Capes. They offer helpful tips on how to best sell your idea.

Celebrities Who Care. Miratel Solutions has identified the Top 20 Celebrities Gone Good for 2012. The first ten are here and the other ten are here.

How to Create Value. Fast Company has a summary of the digital book 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #Social Era. “Things we once considered opposing forces–doing right by people and delivering results, collaborating and keeping focus, having a social purpose and making money–are really not in opposition.” For example: Collaboration > Control; Bank on Openness.

Ebenezer Baptist. On this MLK weekend that includes the presidential inauguration, go here to see Sen. Obama speaking on King’s birthday at MKL’s church in Atlanta, 2008.

Coke on Obesity 2.second video has already shown up to speak truth to Coke’s obesity video featured in Wednesday’s post.

“Before you finish eating breakfast this morning, you’ve depended on more than half of the world. This is the way our universe is structured. We aren’t going to have peace on earth until we recognize this basic fact of interrelated structure of all reality.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

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