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Finish that last mile

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” —Yogi Berra By Tom Peterson If you or your group have a past littered with unfinished efforts you’re not alone. Many of us face this challenge of starting things but never getting the benefits because we didn’t make it to the finish line. All that’s left is a half-cooked […]

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Aspiration Marketing

Click HERE for Tom Peterson’s New Book!     By Tom Peterson  From his Los Angeles podcasting garage Marc Maron recently interviewed President Barack Obama. “When I ran in 2008 there were those posters out there: ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’” Obama said. “Those are capturing aspirations about where we should be going—a society that’s more just, […]

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STAR: Something They’ll Always Remember

      Nancy Duarte has worked on thousands of presentations, most notably Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. In her book Resonate she draws on the speeches of Joseph Campbell, Martin Luther King, Martha Graham, Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs to show what makes a presentation powerful and compelling. Duarte tells us to drive home our big idea with a STAR (Something They’ll […]

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thunderhead works

Influence, Over-thinking & Rituals

  Here’s a great infographic from Traakr on different influencers. Your cause should be reaching out to these folks. Ask for help! Which ones make sense for your effort depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.  Click on image above or here to embiggen.   Daily Rituals. Oliver Beckman reviews Daily Rituals, a new book by […]

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Who Made Overhead Ratio God?

Any fundraising professional knows donors, board members or even staff who are obsessed with one particular figure: the overhead ratio. While that number is one measure of something, it’s often wrongly elevated to a degree of importance it doesn’t deserve. For many, it’s the metrics—that all important measurement—of “is the organization spending money wisely?” In […]

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Lists: Adam Savage, Social Revolution

Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters, made a great talk at Boing Boing Ingenuity by about what it takes to be a Maker. About 13 minutes in Savage lists these 10 Ground Rules. 1. Get good at something. Really good. Get good at as many things as you can. Being good at one thing makes it easier […]

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Maggie Carroll

On Stories: Maggie Carroll & Pixar

    Participatory Media What happens when you give a bunch of folk video cameras? Maggie Carroll shows how through participatory media your stories reach many people. The audience plays an active role in collecting, reporting, and disseminating content. See the new page here. Pixar’s 22 Story Rules We’ve all heard that the best way […]

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nonprofit innovation

Whence Ideas? Food Myths. More

In Where Good Ideas Come From Steven Johnson talks about the processes and environments that accelerate creativity. Coffee shops of old worked because they were places where ideas could collide, mingle and create new forms, says Johnson. How does the constant chatter of the internet impact the need for incubation? How does it let us […]

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