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    Rosa Parks was born 100 years ago this week. When that bus driver told her to move back to make room for a white passenger, she was ready. For more than a decade, she’d been active in registration campaigns and in the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP. She was also incredibly connected to many […]

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      Check out the 20 Top Insights for Making Ideas Happen from 2012 from Behance. Insights from how Obama Gets Things Done to Why Boredom is Good for Your Creativity. Some helpful videos. And finally, a few favorite tweets from 2012, including this: “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people […]

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  Human-Centered Design. For inspiration watch IDEO’s David Kelley interviewed by Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes. Kelley’s work evolved from design to design thinking. He set up the D School at Stanford that’s focused on human-centered design. Bonus: watch the behind-the-scenes video, too. Rosie the… Sorry I couldn’t think of anything clever that rhymes with Riveter. See Katya Andresen’s […]

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    Crowdfunding. Social Citizens presents the stories of two women who used crowdfunding to boost their dream businesses. Kate Jenkins launched the Intentional Quarterly and Roxanne Turpin (pictured) created Amazing Capes. They offer helpful tips on how to best sell your idea. Celebrities Who Care. Miratel Solutions has identified the Top 20 Celebrities Gone Good […]

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    New Year. New Habits. Ariel Schwartz in Fast Company describes Lift, a mobile phone app for tracking new habits. I just signed up. And you can understand how to create new ones by reading The Power of Habit. (I’m about half way through and definitely recommend.) Outrospection. An RSA animate explores Outrospection. Empathy helps us be […]

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Nonprofit Helps

    Small Business Blog. The small/mid-sized nonprofit can pick up some great ideas from The New York Times’s Small Business blog. They take on “issues and trends that small businesses need to understand. And our bloggers – most of whom actually own and run businesses – write about their experiences on the front lines.” […]

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