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manage your day to day

Manage Your Day-to-Day

      Everybody’s abuzz about the new book, Manage Your Day-to-Day, by the folks at 99U. The subtitle—build your routine, find your focus & sharpen your creative mind—pretty much describes the insides. For those of us drawn, for whatever reasons, to the productivity, self-help, get-creative, work-smarter books, this one hums. It’s succinct. Editor Joycelyn […]

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peters wow project

The Wow Project!

    This morning I went to see (again) a Wow Project in the backyard of my friend Gerald. It’s a long winding garden path of stone walls, trees, fountains and surprises. He started it 16 years ago as a “creative expression, more than anything else,” he told me. In contrast with a typical (mediocre) […]

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Millennials and Nonprofits

Engaging Millennials

By Stephen Bailey Engaging Millennials? Be creative! Millennials are people born between (loosely) 1980 and 2000 (so now they’re between 14 and 33). Also called Generation Y, they’re the children of the baby boomers. If your organization wants to involve them, you may learn from a couple of web sites at Washington University (WashU) in […]

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Nonprofit Helps

Nonprofit Helps: Videos, Power of Ideas

The winners of the DoGooder Video Awards for 2013 have been announced. The annual awards are presented by See3 Communications, YouTube and the Nonprofit Technology Network and sponsored by Cisco. If you’re thinking about creating a video for your cause, the starting point would be YouTube’s Playbook Guide for Nonprofits. Finally, here’s a post on the awards […]

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Nonprofit Public Relations a How-to

      By Ray White I was working at my desk when a caller, seemingly casually, asked some general questions about Heifer International, where I was a nonprofit public relations director. I answered her questions and told a couple of anecdotes about families in Africa—people I had met personally—whose lives changed after Heifer had given […]

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