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Nonprofit Celebrity Engagement — How-to

By Chris Talbott It’s frequently asserted in conference rooms and casual conversation that a nonprofit celebrity supporter is some sort of silver bullet that will propel an organization towards its fundraising and brand awareness targets. We could all point to celebrity-cause pairings that look like a match made in heaven. But people seldom consider the […]

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Nonprofit Helps 11

      Arise! Today, March 8, is the 101st International Women’s Day. Here are some nice graphics on Pinterest for inspiration and spreading the word. And 10 ways to celebrate it from The Washington Post. Write! In the last post, we mentioned Neil Gaiman. Here, via Aerogram Writers’ Studio, are his Eight Rules of Writing: Write […]

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Build Your Network

        By Stephen Bailey The prospect of networking can be daunting—even for the most ambitious of us. How do you connect? What do you say? Why should they help you? These questions can overwhelm us to the point of inaction. But the prospect of networking doesn’t have to be so discouraging when […]

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Nonprofit Helps 6

      Check out the 20 Top Insights for Making Ideas Happen from 2012 from Behance. Insights from how Obama Gets Things Done to Why Boredom is Good for Your Creativity. Some helpful videos. And finally, a few favorite tweets from 2012, including this: “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people […]

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Nonprofit Helps 2

    New Year. New Habits. Ariel Schwartz in Fast Company describes Lift, a mobile phone app for tracking new habits. I just signed up. And you can understand how to create new ones by reading The Power of Habit. (I’m about half way through and definitely recommend.) Outrospection. An RSA animate explores Outrospection. Empathy helps us be […]

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World’s Coolest Main Street

    How is innovation part of reclaiming an urban core? It may not look like it now, but in not too many years, Little Rock will be home to the world’s coolest Main Street. It’s going to take some creativity. I took these photos, looking north and south from Capitol, the very heart of […]

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