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Rethink the Food Label

With one in three Americans obese, we need help from every quarter to get back to great health. So thank you, Good Magazine and UC Berkeley, for hosting a contest to redesign the nutrition label so that it’s actually helpful. Because the FDA is redoing the labels after 20 years, maybe they’ll find some inspiration from Renee Walker (whose design is shown) or some of the other winners. Sure, this one’s not perfect: One of the judges, author and food activist Michael Pollan, wondered how this would work with, say, Lucky Charms. But these creative designers have gotten us off to a Good start! Read the article in Fast Company. And see the full program in Rethink the Food Label.

 We need clear, consistent, front-of-the-package, labels that give people the information they’ve been asking for, in a format they understand.

— Michelle Obama

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