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Best Advice I Ever Got

        Need some words of wisdom? LinkedIn has compiled the “Best Advice I Ever Got” from more than 70 influencers. With contributions from folks like Martha Stewart, Richard Branson (practice what you preach), Deepak Chopra, and T. Boone Pickens (sit on your own bottom), there’s no shortage of good words on how […]

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Nudging the Creativity

Need a pick-me-up to keep moving? I know I often do. First, this short video of Ira Glass is about story telling, but the idea holds for whatever you’re working on. Then head over to Kirstin Butler’s Five Manifestos for the Creative Life. You’ll find The Cult of Done Manifesto, Right Brain Terrain, and three […]

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Cash Mobs

Today, March 24, is National Cash Mob Day. Begun last year, cash mobs organize flash mob participants to meet and spend $20 at a local store, supporting homegrown businesses. Cash mobs have spread to dozens of cities around the country and are popping up overseas. While a boost of $800 in the lucky cash register […]

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