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Top Graduation Speeches

It’s good to hear advice from people who have pioneered, who have accomplished something, who have then struggled to communicate a kernel of wisdom that may help us see our way forward. For this, no season is better than commencement ceremony time. LinkedIn has compiled the Top Graduation Speeches for our open minds.

Sleep evangelist Arianna Huffington suggests that the women from Smith College sleep their way to the top (okay, you have to watch the speech). She also asks them to “redefine success. Because the world you are headed into desperately needs it…. what I urge you to do is not just take your place at the top of the world, but to change the world.” Richard Branson: You’ll never be so unburdened, do something bold. Adam Bryant urges graduates to Go Play in the Traffic. Maria Shriver suggests periodically pushing the Pause button:

Jesus fasted for forty days and nights in the desert. Henry David Thoreau went to Walden Pond. Ann Morrow Lindberg went to the sea. Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa — the greatest and wisest have often stopped and withdrawn from active lives to journey within themselves. The wisdom they garnered there and shared with us has impacted the world.

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