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Today’s Agenda

Welcome, Review agenda

Approve minutes from last meeting 

Session One

People to rescue
Hungry to feed
Frail to care for
Sick to heal
Diseases to cure
Children to watch over
Young to teach
Lamps to light
Paths to discover
Poisons to ban
Air to clean
Forests to plant
Deserts to green
Rivers to clear
Oceans to protect
Whales to save

Morning Break

Session Two

Plants to open
Jobs to create
Poverty to end
Wealth to spread
People to house
Villages to power
Roads to pave
Cities to rebuild
Disasters to mitigate
Voices to hear
Tears to wipe
People to hug

Lunch Break

Session Three

Weak to defend
Chains to unbind
Oppressed to free
Violence to end
Wars to shut down
Peace to wage
Lies to expose
Messages to deliver
Wrongs to right
Rights to win
Evils to fight
Tyrants to topple
Powers to shift
Afternoon Break

Session Four

Spirits to discern
Souls to deepen
Hearts to awaken
Dances to dance
Paintings to paint
Songs to sing
Love to give
Dreams to follow
Joys to feel
Wonders to behold

Plan next steps



— Tom Peterson

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