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Lexicon of Sustainability

With one delicious bite  of  a local peach from your farmers market you can take part in the still rapidly growing food movement. Farmers markets continue to multiply — from 350 in the seventies to more than 7,000 today. And movement vocabulary is keeping pace: Locavore, Fallen Fruit, Eat In, Cage Free.

Naming can be a powerful tool, changing the way we see — and act. So for three years Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton traveled the country to explore the words and phrases of the food movement. They met with about 200 of its trailblazers, and their report is the Lexicon of Sustainability.

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The couple pulls together what they found to create magical “information art” photo collages. I won’t try to describe them here. You simply have to look for yourself. Spend some time scrolling and clicking.

The Lexicon of Sustainability site is itself an activist tool kit, with a lexicon of terms and a kit for a pop-up show so you can bring all this to your own town. And in partnership with PBS, they are putting films online: The story of Egg, Local, and Forage and more.

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