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Liberating Structures, the Book

    By Tom Peterson Many of us at the Clinton School of Public Service are into something called Liberating Structures. It’s because of fellow adjunct professor, Arvind Singhal. I first learned of it when two students facilitated a meeting I held on revitalizing our Main Street. They used a few Liberating Structures exercises, and […]

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Belsky: Making Ideas Happen

        Perhaps due to my particular quirks, no book in recent years has been more helpful than Scott Belsky’s Making Ideas Happen. We all have ideas, even good ideas. What sets the people with lots of ideas apart from successful ideas is turning them to reality. That’s the rub. Belsky, the founder/CEO […]

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Maximize Your Potential

      “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” Peter Drucker said. And that’s at the heart of  Maximize Your Potential. It’s the second (after Manage Your Day-to-Day) of a three-part series being developed by 99u. This compact book comes from the folks who don’t want to help us get […]

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cafe impact jonathan lewis

Café Impact

  Understated conversations. with the intimacy of a coffee shop. About insecurities, beginnings, changes. Café Impact’s self-described caffeinated barista host, Jonathan Lewis, is a regular blogger for Huffington Post and was an entrepreneur in social enterprises focused on impact. Lewis has created a series of video conversations with leaders in nonprofits. Lasting for only a few minutes, […]

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