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The Yin and Yang of Growing Your Cause

      The Yin and Yang of Growing Your Cause: Incremental Improvement and Breakthrough The best way to grow your nonprofit or cause is to do two seemingly opposite things at once. First, incrementally improve the things— the programs, revenue streams, branding, public relations—that are already working well. Or at least seem to have […]

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Aspiration Marketing

Click HERE for Tom Peterson’s New Book!     By Tom Peterson  From his Los Angeles podcasting garage Marc Maron recently interviewed President Barack Obama. “When I ran in 2008 there were those posters out there: ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’” Obama said. “Those are capturing aspirations about where we should be going—a society that’s more just, […]

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STAR: Something They’ll Always Remember

      Nancy Duarte has worked on thousands of presentations, most notably Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. In her book Resonate she draws on the speeches of Joseph Campbell, Martin Luther King, Martha Graham, Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs to show what makes a presentation powerful and compelling. Duarte tells us to drive home our big idea with a STAR (Something They’ll […]

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