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Neighborhood and Walls

I don’t know which I’m more excited about, the new website/docu-series named Here Comes the Neighborhood, or their  first offering, Wynwood Walls. Either is the coolest thing I’ve seen in many moons.

Here Comes The Neighborhood, is a site of “docuseries” that explore how public art can revitalize urban communities. Their pilot series — already seven episodes of about five minutes each — looks at Wynwood Walls, in Miami. There, two visionaries are curating an entire bleak district full of walls, bringing in (to date) more than 30 internationally known muralists, graffiti artists.

The district now spreads over many, many blocks of arresting art. For example, Edgar “Saner” Flores and Sego, Mexico City artists, mix the scale and story telling of Diego Rivera’s murals with Bosch and Naked Lunch. The result… well you can see it yourself in episode five.

Wynwood Walls has its own website, with a history, images, neighborhood happenings, restaurants and artist info.


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