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What is a Good School?

        If we’re going to creatively solve the world’s challenges, we’ve got to ramp up our curiosity and seek inspiration from the greats who went before. Artist and social activist Ben Shahn was once asked by a student to name a quality art school. His response, “A good art school is one that […]

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Hairdressers Cut Skin Cancer?

Winston Churchill said, “The maneuver which brings an ally into the field is as serviceable as that which wins a great battle.” Gaining the support of President Roosevelt and the United States, of course, turned the outcome of World War II. Now the British are looking at a new ally for a different battle: the […]

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Tear Down the Hospital Walls

How does a hospital system vastly extend its reach into underserved communities? Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare (MLH) in Memphis says it’s through trained volunteers. In an innovative program, developed by my long-time friend Gary Gunderson, MLH partnered with almost 400 local congregations that identify key volunteers who (after intensive training) help the patients through their stay […]

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