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CoAction: Free money for nonprofit missions






Be a hero! Save your nonprofit a big chunk of change. Year after year.

Okay, this is going to sound like an ad. But there’s no down side. Only winners, including the cause you’re working on! Here’s the easiest way to save funds your nonprofit won’t have to raise. And it’s free.

CoAction has worked a deal with the largest group purchasing organization (GPO) in the country to extend their discounts to nonprofits. Hospitals and universities and companies in your community are already part of this program, to the tune of $60 billion a year in combined spending.

Serious discounts on lots of things

coaction 4When you join CoAction, you’ll get GPO discounts on hundreds of products and services you’re already buying. CoAction links you to significant discounts on office supplies, computers, janitorial services and supplies (including that danged-expensive toner), shipping, appliances, furniture, and so on. Many of these are companies you’re already doing business with. And there’s no commitment to use certain providers. Your discount on overnight shipping, ground and freight, for example, will be between 39 and 82 percent.

So if you’re spending $100,000 on things covered you may save, say, $35,000 a year. That’s $35,000 you won’t have to raise through an event or direct mail campaign. And that $35,000 is saved every year with no extra action.

When you do this, you’ll be a hero to your board and donors. Tell them about the money you’re shifting from products and services to the mission.

These are good folks

CoAction’s leaders are Mike Matchett and Hallie Shoffner. Mike was Heifer International’s vice president of marketing when I was there. His business acumen and creativity kept us moving forward. Hallie was a bright student in my class at the Clinton School of Public Service who went on to work with nonprofits and in digital marketing. They’re both good folks. They understand nonprofits and want your group to have more of its donor dollars spent on the important things.

Here’s how it works. Someone in your nonprofit (you?) goes to their site and signs up. There’s no fee. That’s it. Then you carry on with what you were doing before.

Then you have funds you don’t have to raise a second time. Liberated from expenses. So put the money you saved toward your mission.

Make a bigger impact!

In case you missed it, link to CoAction.

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