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Kolkata Kids Map Their Neighborhood

They call themselves “Daredevils” because to do their work, you need courage. Youth in Kolkata, India, (formerly Calcutta) are mapping their world.

As they were helping vaccinate this neighborhood in one of India’s largest cities, these youth discovered they weren’t even on the map. The Google map showed it as simply blank. So, wanting to be visible like everyone else, they created their own map, and soon found themselves dealing with much more than streets—mapping everything from who’s been vaccinated against polio to where to get clean water.

Daredevils of KolkataNow, through “Map Your World,” the youth have learned to track data—for example, documenting that trash pickup really happens only at election time.

This clip is from the new film Revolutionary Optimists, which had its U.S. premiere last month. For more information about the group, visit their Sparkwise Dashboard.

(Via Good.)

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