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beautiful trouble

Grammar of Social Change

In this Tedx talk, Dave Oswold Mitchell describes how he and others developed Beautiful Trouble. What is the grammar of social change, they asked. What are the basic units of change? Tactics were the verbs of the language (like a sit-in or flash-mob). Then principles, theories and case studies. “Activism is about problem solving. It’s […]

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Millennials and Nonprofits

Engaging Millennials

By Stephen Bailey Engaging Millennials? Be creative! Millennials are people born between (loosely) 1980 and 2000 (so now they’re between 14 and 33). Also called Generation Y, they’re the children of the baby boomers. If your organization wants to involve them, you may learn from a couple of web sites at Washington University (WashU) in […]

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Katya Andresen

Nonprofit Helps 18

      Step right up to April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, hosted by Katya Andresen, who chose the theme What’s the Best Advice you’ve received. More than two dozen folks share their wisdom. I liked number nine: Ask for Help. That’s something most of us could allow ourselves to do more of. This week the 17th annual Webby […]

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Is El Greco Making Maps?

Perception vs Reality

  In 1984, I wrote an article for Seeds magazine titled “Is El Greco Making Maps?” It was a reaction to a new map developed by Arno Peters. What follows, borrows a bit from that piece. In the mid-1980s a map appeared that looked like something straight off El Greco’s easel. It evoked emotions I […]

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nonprofit marketing innovation

Profile Update for a Cause

        Late last month when the Supreme Court met to hear arguments on same-sex marriage, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a show of support for marriage equality. On March 25th the HRC urged its followers (and their friends and families) to change their Facebook profile pictures to the red and pink equal sign. […]

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