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Making Digital Content Work

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By Hallie Shoffner

Many marketers (nonprofit and otherwise) should and do worry about how to breakthrough the unimaginable amount of “stuff” on the internet.  It is easy to get lost in the tsunami of content.  However, many digital writers can and do ride this wave to success.

1.  Create valuable content that your audience wants to “follow.”  Specifically, create content that is less about you and more about those you serve and those you are speaking to.  Speak to how what you are doing benefits your audience (for example, “Our adult education classes help people get better jobs and supports our community’s economy.)

2.  Have a “real” conversation with your followers.  Be genuine in asking and answering questions and making comments.  People are savvy and can spot canned responses and routine messaging from a mile away.

3.  Create content that is easily “editable.”  How better to spread awareness than creating content that can be “repurposed” by your followers?  Provide an entertaining, relevant concept that “empowers” your audience to take it, make it their own and, then, SHARE IT!  Supporters of Planned Parenthood did this well with their Tumbler “Planned Parenthood Saved Me.”  It garnered some serious online support during a difficult time for the organization.

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Art: Creative Commons, Sofia Peresoa


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