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Last summer, we shared Paul Kuttner’s review of Beautiful Trouble, a Toolbox for Revolution. Kuttner wrote that the book gathers:

…a new wave of creativity in political action, from flash mobs and critical mass bike rides to viral videos and culture jamming. People across the globe are taking action in innovative new ways — drawing on a long history of creative protest, but also responding to uniquely modern opportunities and constraints. Through this process, activists have developed an enormous amount of expertise and knowledge about how to do effective and creative protest.

At the end of his review, Kuttner mentioned that all this was going to be online, and it would be expanded as others submitted new cases, theories, tactics and so on.

Well, it’s up; here’s Beautiful Trouble’s website. And go to the new feature (in beta), Explore Beautiful Trouble, that makes for fascinating learning. Search for places and phrases, for example, buy local, and see what creative folks have done to make the world a better place.

By the way,  here’s a video that introduces the book:

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