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Katya Andresen

Nonprofit Helps 18

      Step right up to April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, hosted by Katya Andresen, who chose the theme What’s the Best Advice you’ve received. More than two dozen folks share their wisdom. I liked number nine: Ask for Help. That’s something most of us could allow ourselves to do more of. This week the 17th annual Webby […]

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Nonprofit Helps

Nonprofit Helps: Videos, Power of Ideas

The winners of the DoGooder Video Awards for 2013 have been announced. The annual awards are presented by See3 Communications, YouTube and the Nonprofit Technology Network and sponsored by Cisco. If you’re thinking about creating a video for your cause, the starting point would be YouTube’s Playbook Guide for Nonprofits. Finally, here’s a post on the awards […]

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Nonprofit Helps 14

From the Skoll Foundation, the question, “What will the world look like in 50 years?” “The problems facing our world are so large that they demand disruptive thinking,” they say. “We don’t have time to think in incremental terms. It’s time to challenge the status quo, and dare to imagine what we can do.” Here’s […]

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Explore Beautiful Trouble

          Last summer, we shared Paul Kuttner’s review of Beautiful Trouble, a Toolbox for Revolution. Kuttner wrote that the book gathers: …a new wave of creativity in political action, from flash mobs and critical mass bike rides to viral videos and culture jamming. People across the globe are taking action in […]

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Best Advice I Ever Got

        Need some words of wisdom? LinkedIn has compiled the “Best Advice I Ever Got” from more than 70 influencers. With contributions from folks like Martha Stewart, Richard Branson (practice what you preach), Deepak Chopra, and T. Boone Pickens (sit on your own bottom), there’s no shortage of good words on how […]

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Nudging the Creativity

Need a pick-me-up to keep moving? I know I often do. First, this short video of Ira Glass is about story telling, but the idea holds for whatever you’re working on. Then head over to Kirstin Butler’s Five Manifestos for the Creative Life. You’ll find The Cult of Done Manifesto, Right Brain Terrain, and three […]

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Focus Forward: Short Films/Big Ideas

My biggest challenge in writing this post was picking which film to highlight. Go to Focus Forward where you’ll find a series of 30 three-minute films, “about innovative people who are reshaping the world through act or invention.” World-acclaimed documentarians tell the stories of people with life-changing ideas. A businessman has introduced the internet to 10,000 Pakistanis […]

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Nonprofit Helps 2

    New Year. New Habits. Ariel Schwartz in Fast Company describes Lift, a mobile phone app for tracking new habits. I just signed up. And you can understand how to create new ones by reading The Power of Habit. (I’m about half way through and definitely recommend.) Outrospection. An RSA animate explores Outrospection. Empathy helps us be […]

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