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Needed: Nonprofit Leaders. It’s time to re-think how nonprofits operate in a post-baby-boomer-leader world. A new report, Shift: Beyond the Nonprofit Leadership Crisis, says that 75 percent of current nonprofit leaders plan to leave over the next five years. Many younger leaders are attracted to new models, outside the nonprofit sector, to create social change. Drawn to more creative organizations with flatter structures, they may have second thoughts about joining the old-school, hierarchical nonprofits that need to fill more than 640,000 leadership vacancies over next decade. To make the shift, nonprofits should adjust leadership roles that, for example, devalue innovation or are not family friendly. The report offers recommendations.

Pat Rothfuss, world buildersPat Rothfuss, World Builder. Last night my sons and I went to a reading/book signing by Pat Rothfuss (right), award-winning fantasy author of the Kingkiller Chronicle. See his amazing fundraising efforts for nonprofits. Through his World Builders, Pat and his fantasy and sci-fi author friends have now raised almost $2 million.

Speaking of Innovation. Here is Harish Kumar’s post on 7 ways to be creative (with some nice links).

“Every social institution which teaches human beings to cringe to those above and step on those below must be replaced by institutions which teach people to look each other straight in the face.” — Margaret Mead

Painting by Charles Burchfield.

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