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Food Trucks on Main Street

  Besides my marketing and strategy work with nonprofits, I volunteer with a few groups. Longest running of these is the effort to revitalize downtown Little Rock. First as a board member of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership; and more narrowly, on the mayor’s task force to revitalize Main Street; and more narrowly still, the […]

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Rethink the Food Label

With one in three Americans obese, we need help from every quarter to get back to great health. So thank you, Good Magazine and UC Berkeley, for hosting a contest to redesign the nutrition label so that it’s actually helpful. Because the FDA is redoing the labels after 20 years, maybe they’ll find some inspiration from […]

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Traveling Oasis for Food Deserts

This Chicago mobile fruit and vegetable stand may not be the answer for the 23 million Americans living in food deserts. But it’s an innovation that will surely lead to some learnings and scaling up to help create greater access to healthy food. Visit the Fresh Moves website here. 

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