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Why Climate Change is Not an Environmental Issue

Okay, the presentation is not polished, which kind of makes it work. But the message is clear: we can’t treat climate change as just one more cause. In an earlier post, you can see a visualization of how much CO2 we humans spew into the atmosphere daily. Or you can watch this week’s TED talk in which 19-year-old Taylor Wilson describes his solution to the problem. And here’s a starter page from National Geographic on how to reduce greenhouse gas.

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One Response to Why Climate Change is Not an Environmental Issue

  1. Kim Silva May 1, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    I like it – hard-hitting, interesting use of images, kept me engaged, took a stand, and not too long. Of course, this is an issue about which I am passionate, so that helps. I wonder what the reaction has been from the general community…? Thanks for sharing!

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