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Nonprofit Helps: Videos, Power of Ideas

The winners of the DoGooder Video Awards for 2013 have been announced. The annual awards are presented by See3 Communications, YouTube and the Nonprofit Technology Network and sponsored by Cisco. If you’re thinking about creating a video for your cause, the starting point would be YouTube’s Playbook Guide for Nonprofits. Finally, here’s a post on the awards in Huffington Post.

The Power of Ideas on a Finite PlanetI like this short post on Dowser by Ramez Naam from his new book, The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet. “Rising wealth and education across the developing world is good for us,” says Naam. “It’s going to lead to a more rapid pace of global innovation, producing scientific breakthroughs and technological advances that will directly improve the lives of those in the rich world today.”

A nice post from a Margaux Smith, who’s been fundraising for only three years: 7 things that will make you a better fundraiser. Smith talks about a pep-talk she got from a boss at a critical point. “I confided my fears, telling him I didn’t feel I was a very good writer. My ideas weren’t interesting enough and I wasn’t sure I could cut it in this business,” she said. “He looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘Well, no. You’re not very good. But you will be. Because you give a damn and that’s something nobody can teach.’”

If you see something that you think should be shared as a Nonprofit Help, let Tom Peterson know:  Thanks!

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