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Coke takes on Obesity…. REALLY?

First, a confession/disclosure: I buy from these folks. I’ve got some of their product in my home right now! Now, if you’re trying to tell the customer or donor a story about your product, about your organization, the most important thing is truth. That’s why a new PR campaign—from the folks who drown the world in […]

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Musical Stairs

What do I get for helping your cause? Maybe it’s a cool holiday present. Maybe it’s a chance to win an iPad in a raffle. Maybe it’s a chance to rub shoulders with some local celebrities at a gala. Marketing folks talk about benefit exchange: what do I give you, and what do you give […]

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Save the Crabs. Then Eat ‘Em!

This week I saw a news item that gave me reason to cheer: a study finds that the Chesapeake Bay dead zones are coming back to life. This was done by reducing the fertilizer, animal waste and other pollutants. There is a wonderful and creative campaign to get people around the Chesapeake Bay to change […]

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