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Coke takes on Obesity…. REALLY?

First, a confession/disclosure: I buy from these folks. I’ve got some of their product in my home right now!

Now, if you’re trying to tell the customer or donor a story about your product, about your organization, the most important thing is truth. That’s why a new PR campaign—from the folks who drown the world in corn syrup and an array of mysterious chemicals—is raising eyebrows.

Comments from YouTube viewers:

 the companies who put addictive chemicals in their food and beverages (think cocaine from years ago and now sadly just caffine lol) and then add sugar levels that exploit that evolutionary craving must surely shoulder some of the responsibility no?


… I really wonder how you guys can sleep at night. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Toxic substances IS NOT an alternative to sugar, and IS NOT going to help the population live longer. You say you want to help people make intelligent choices? Then why did you pay so much money to HIDE the products contained in your drinks?

You guys should learn that life is more than money. We all are paying the price of your lies, your arrogance and your greed with our health.

Next: Big tobacco takes on lung cancer.

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