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Open Culture for the People!

Now that those unspeakable things have happened on Game of Thrones and the season has drawn to an end, you may find yourself wondering what do I watch now? Maybe you should turn to Open Culture.

van goghThese folks track down “the best free cultural & educational media on the web.” And it’s somewhat astonishing. You can watch a brief interview with Gandhi or the I have a dream speech. You can listen to A.A. Milne read Winnie-the-Pooh or watch Leonard Cohen perform with U2.

Feeling ambitious? Take a course in Arabic or in Ethics (from Oxford University). I can’t do justice describing the site, there’s so much content. Links to hundreds of free online courses, free e-books, free audio books, videos. Links to poets reading their own work and tens of thousands of art masterpieces (like this Van Gogh from the National Gallery).


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