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manage your day to day

Manage Your Day-to-Day

      Everybody’s abuzz about the new book, Manage Your Day-to-Day, by the folks at 99U. The subtitle—build your routine, find your focus & sharpen your creative mind—pretty much describes the insides. For those of us drawn, for whatever reasons, to the productivity, self-help, get-creative, work-smarter books, this one hums. It’s succinct. Editor Joycelyn […]

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Top Graduation Speeches

It’s good to hear advice from people who have pioneered, who have accomplished something, who have then struggled to communicate a kernel of wisdom that may help us see our way forward. For this, no season is better than commencement ceremony time. LinkedIn has compiled the Top Graduation Speeches for our open minds. Sleep evangelist Arianna […]

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Explore Beautiful Trouble

          Last summer, we shared Paul Kuttner’s review of Beautiful Trouble, a Toolbox for Revolution. Kuttner wrote that the book gathers: …a new wave of creativity in political action, from flash mobs and critical mass bike rides to viral videos and culture jamming. People across the globe are taking action in […]

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Nonprofit Helps 11

      Arise! Today, March 8, is the 101st International Women’s Day. Here are some nice graphics on Pinterest for inspiration and spreading the word. And 10 ways to celebrate it from The Washington Post. Write! In the last post, we mentioned Neil Gaiman. Here, via Aerogram Writers’ Studio, are his Eight Rules of Writing: Write […]

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Nonprofit Marketing book

Nonprofit Marketing Books (part 2)

      As I mentioned last week, I’ve used two excellent books in my nonprofit marketing class at the Clinton School of Public Service. If you’re responsible for this area in your organization, you should read both. The second is The Nonprofit Marketing Guide by Kivi Leroux Miller. The book grew out of a […]

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Americans Who Tell the Truth

    A small group has created a cool website called Americans Who Tell the Truth. This link takes you directly to the portraits page where you’ll find paintings of dozens of Americans who have impacted all of our lives in profound ways. Click on each Rob Shetterly portrait to find a short biography about an […]

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duarte resonate

Resonate: Presentations to Change the World

At the suggestion of a friend (thanks, Karmelle!), I bought Resonate, one of the best books I read last year. Author Nancy Duarte has worked on thousands of presentations, most notably An Inconvenient Truth. In the book, she draws on the likes of Joseph Campbell, Martin Luther King, Martha Graham, Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs to illustrate […]

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