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Neil Gaiman Commencement Address

It’s graduation season again, and I watch the Clinton School of Public Service students cross the stage—brighter and more motivated than ever. I’m hopeful because I know (from the previous five years) the kinds of places they’re headed and how they will begin to make their patch of the world a better place. (And as […]

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photo: Sandra Steingraber

Sandra Steingraber, Voice of Reason

Bill Moyers: What can parents do to protect their children in a hostile environment? A cancer survivor who grew up in a cancer cluster, Sandra Steingraber, has spent much of her career, in the tradition of Rachel Carson, researching the links between cancer and the environment. Take three minutes to hear this calm, well-reasoned explaination of […]

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Is El Greco Making Maps?

Perception vs Reality

  In 1984, I wrote an article for Seeds magazine titled “Is El Greco Making Maps?” It was a reaction to a new map developed by Arno Peters. What follows, borrows a bit from that piece. In the mid-1980s a map appeared that looked like something straight off El Greco’s easel. It evoked emotions I […]

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nonprofit marketing innovation

Profile Update for a Cause

        Late last month when the Supreme Court met to hear arguments on same-sex marriage, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a show of support for marriage equality. On March 25th the HRC urged its followers (and their friends and families) to change their Facebook profile pictures to the red and pink equal sign. […]

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Explore Beautiful Trouble

          Last summer, we shared Paul Kuttner’s review of Beautiful Trouble, a Toolbox for Revolution. Kuttner wrote that the book gathers: …a new wave of creativity in political action, from flash mobs and critical mass bike rides to viral videos and culture jamming. People across the globe are taking action in […]

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