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An Ambitious Goal will Transform the World (and Yourself)

  By Tom Peterson This morning’s headline: Solar-powered plane completes round-the-world journey Do you have an ambitious goal for your life? Does your cause have one? If you do and you faithfully pursue it, it will change your life, or that of your organization. Most do-good organizations don’t have an audacious goal. Instead, they do […]

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Aspiration Marketing

        By Tom Peterson  From his Los Angeles podcasting garage Marc Maron recently interviewed President Barack Obama. “When I ran in 2008 there were those posters out there: ‘Hope’ and ‘Change,’” Obama said. “Those are capturing aspirations about where we should be going—a society that’s more just, a society that’s more equal, […]

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Spread ideas that work

      By Tom Peterson Inspired in 2002 by frequent electricity blackouts, Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser thought up a simple technology that’s literally a brilliant idea. Just fill a clear plastic soda bottle with water (add bleach to prevent algae clouding), cut a hole in the roof of the house and snugly place the […]

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